3 Travel Trends We’re Seeing in 2021

THE FUTURE OF TRAVEL: Here’s some trends we’re predicting in 2021!

Tropical Villas
Imagine waking up in your very own tropical villa, tucked away in paradise, with nothing but the sand and sea in the distance… sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? We’re starting to see this travel style on the rise in 2021 – and here’s why!

  • Tranquil setting – easy to social distance!
  • Private chefs – most villas include a private chef – they’ll even grocery shop for you!
  • Housekeeping – this is also included!
  • Breathtaking locations – think exotic beaches, overlooking cliffs, jungles, etc.
  • Perfect for – larger families, multi-generational trips, groups of friends, and micro-weddings

Private Yachts
Okay, now you’re probably thinking, “a private yacht? That’s going to be pricey!” Well, think again! Private charters aren’t as expensive as they seem – in fact, we’ve found some fabulous pricing options for 2021! Here’s some other things you might like!

  • Multiple destinations – we’re talking places like Croatia, Italy, the Caribbean, Tahiti, and more!
  • Staying in your social bubble – again, perfect getaway to relax in a private setting!
  • Customizable itinerary – this includes your menus, excursions, activities, and more. The possibilities here are endless!

Extended Stays
Another popular trend we’re seeing this year are extended stays! This allows travelers to create their plans as they go with no set schedule – because sometimes that week-long getaway just isn’t enough! 😉 Here’s some additional perks of an extended stay:

  • Flexibility – do what you want on your own time!
  • Work remotely – you can work from anywhere you want while enjoying your resort’s fabulous amenities!
  • Learn remotely – the kiddos can take advantage of your resort’s learning centers and “go to school” in between play time. How fun!

Which travel trend are you interested in? Contact me here so I can get you a custom quote!

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