Why do you need travel insurance? Part 3

Travel insurance is such a vital piece of your vacation package. You protect your car, home, and self with insurance, so why wouldn’t you protect your vacation investment as well? There are so many reasons travel insurance is important, and I’m sharing another vital reason, if not the most important. If you’re someone who always clicks “decline,” please read on to see another reason travel insurance should be added to your next vacation package.

Travel insurance is about so much more than coverage if you can’t go, delays, or lost luggage. A major piece of travel insurance is about medical coverage.

​Did you know that most U.S. based medical insurances do not cover incidences and emergencies that occur in foreign countries? 

Imagine needing to be care flighted while in destination, but the emergency service company wants $25,000 in advance before they’ll take you anywhere?! Travel insurance will take care of you right then and there!

Imagine having a medical emergency, big or small, and needing medical care while in Mexico, the Bahamas, or some other beautiful destination. Travel insurance will take care of you!

Though trip insurance is an optional add on, it is my very strong suggestion that you purchase insurance to protect your most valuable assets—you, your family, and your hard-earned money!

When selecting your travel insurance policy, I encourage you to carefully look over your options and thoroughly read over the policy you are considering. If you have specific questions about a policy, you should reach out to the insurance company for clarification.

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