Why use a travel agent?

Why use a travel agent?

I am often asked the question, “why should I book with you?” or “why not just book on the internet?”. Those are really good, valid questions that come with very complex answers. So, I decided to put together a list and explanations on why to book with an agent! Take a look. Let me know your thoughts. And I hope you’ll use an agent from now on!

We can save you time & money.

By offering package deals, price watching, and by doing the research for you, we save you valuable time & money. 

We have specialized knowledge & expertise.

We specialize in destinations, particular types of travel, and have a slew of knowledge at our fingertips. We are constantly learning, researching, and traveling to create and present the perfect products & services for our clients. The internet can’t do that.

We create customized & personalized trips.

Using our specialized knowledge and destination expertise, we create customized trips and personalized itineraries based on your needs and wants. We take your wish list, budget, and more and carefully curate the perfect vacation for you.

We offer travel tips & recommendations.

All of that knowledge must go somewhere, and we love to share our firsthand tips for traveling and recommendations on destinations, must see places, restaurants, and more.

We can offer price match options.

Find something online cheaper than what is presented? Ask about price matching, or why the quote is higher. There could be something hidden in that online quote, or we could price match for you! 

It takes away the hassle & stress.

Since you don’t have to worry about researching, booking (and potentially making a mistake), or planning, you save yourself the hassle, stress, and worry vacation planning presents. Let a professional handle it!

We can offer additional perks.

We have access to provide complimentary welcome gifts, lounge access, and more, FREE!

We are here to solve your problems.

Last minute emergency? Weather delay? Medical emergency while abroad? We are here to personally help you! No dialing a 1-800 number and waiting on hold for hours. Just pick up the phone, and call your local travel agent.

You’ll support a small business.

By using a travel agent, you are supporting a small business and supporting your local economy. The services are free, so why not support the little man!

Why use a travel agent?


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