Cruising to Progresso, Mexico

Hi there! I’m excited to keep the merriment of National Plan a Cruise Month going with more details on stops on the Western Caribbean Cruises I’ve been on. Today, I wanted to focus on Progresso, Yucatan, Mexico. I have mixed reviews about Progresso. There are definite good and bad things about this port, and I’m going to be honest in what I share with you. Hopefully you can appreciate that. 🙂

Progresso Pros

Nearby Mayan Ruins


Corona Beach + Coronas at the bar

Port shopping {buildings located immediately off the ship}

Free shuttle into town

Warm waters, even in December

Progresso Cons

Whatever you do, STAY AWAY from the “mermaid bar” {not sure of the actual name, but it has a mermaid statue right outside the door─don’t even eyeball it, just keep walking!! This advice comes from not only me, but multiple Western Caribbean Cruisers I’ve chatted with}

Corona Beach {this is on both lists because the sand is brought in, sort of disappointing, but it gives you the white sand you are probably hoping for}

Lots of beggars/peddlers on the beaches

Beautiful Architecture
Corona Beach {above: views of the bridge to the cruise ship port}
Jose Cuervo Christmas tree at a port shop

Sweet Christmas song serenader who found us shopping & on the beach, pretty neat & surreal experience. He joined us knowing the words to Feliz Navidad {if you’re from Texas, of course you know it!}, and enjoyed us teaching him the English portions.

A local tour bus that offered rides around the town.

There are more pros than cons on my list, but if I were to visit Progresso again, I would head straight for the beach, no dilly dallying in town, or opt for a shore excursion to explore the Mayan Ruins. There are plenty of things to enjoy here, just be aware of and prepared for my “cons.” Thank you so much for stopping in today. If you have any questions or other thoughts about Progresso, please comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!


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